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Weaving second chances

We believe in second chances, in Mexican design, in our roots, in making changes in forgotten/uncomfortable places and this is how Xiete was born.  


Each person has their story...


“The myth of the bumblebee says that these insects cannot fly due to the size of their wings compared to their body, but they fly because they do not know that they cannot.”


This often happens with people who are deprived of their freedom in prisons; they do not know the potential they have or what they can reach until they discover it with these kinds of activities and workshops that are offered to them through us.  

That's where the name XIETE came from Huichol whose meaning is royal hive bee. 

This project was born in 2013, when we went to a penitentiary center for the first time and realized the reality that exists in these places, in 2019 we had the opportunity to return to prisons and have contact with people deprived of their liberty, deciding to start with this entrepreneurship that seeks to give a job opportunity to people deprived of their liberty so that they can pay what they need and, in turn, financially support their families. Likewise, as a means of repairing the damage, we give some donations to two associations that work every day to help women, boys and girls fight cancer/ chronodegenerative diseases.

Thank you for helping us continue with this cause.

                                           With love XIETE

Something very important is that we do not seek to justify crimes, we seek to provide second chances to those who were denied, to those who really want to have them and/or to those who were unjustly incriminated. and he is paying for something he did not commit.   

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