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Handwoven bag with recycled plastic that you can use for any occasion. It has a vinyl leather lining with dividers. On the sides, you will find some vinyl leather tabs, which will also help you close your bag, making it look more aesthetic. If you need more space, you can remove these tabs and enlarge the bag.


There are two different styles, one with a snap on the woven tab and the other with a zipper, both will help you close the bag securely



They are made in Jalisco prisions with recycled plastic. We seek to support various foundations as reparation for the damage.



Height: 25 cm Length: 35 cm Width: 15 cm. Braided strap with vinyl leather

As it is a handmade product, measurements may change a little.

2348. Karla. Lente


    Remember that the products are handmade so there may be small modifications but always guaranteeing that the package you receive goes through a quality process.

    If you need to change your product, you can exchange it for one of the same price, there will only be a fee for shipping costs.

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